Eat Well, Move More

{June 10, 2012}   Bloggity Blog Blog

Tonight’s stir fry dinner with chicken, bok choy, celery, carrots, orange bell pepper, green onion, snap peas, water chestnuts over jasmine rice. Sauce was a simple citrus ginger-soy sauce.

I hadn’t intended to let days, or even weeks, go by without posting to this blog.  The past couple of weeks have been stressful, full of busy-ness and interruptions. The desire to write has been buried under a mountain of comfort food. There has been pizza, macaroni and cheese, lattes, and ice cream. That in itself is not a bad thing,  if in moderation. I’ll admit moderation has not been my strong suit lately. The walking, however, has been consistent, increasing in both time and distance.  I’ll give myself a pat on the back for that, as I get the eating well part back on track. Tonight’s dinner, for example, was far more satisfying than the pepperoni pizza I had consumed several days ago.

Life does get in the way, but I think I need to make myself a commitment to regularly update this blog. I’ve decided that twice a week should be the minimum.  So this week, I’ll resume with the photographs meals, slip in a few recipes, and share my workouts.

I also owe myself, and whatever handful of passerby’s, a few “before” photos and measurements. Tracking my progress is necessary, so that I don’t lose my motivation.  I don’t like photographs of myself, and my body image issues are creeping up again.  I have a couple of creative ideas for posting my “before” photos, and I hope they turn out well.  I should have those up later this week, as well as my “starting point” measurements.

Now, how often to update the “progress”?  Weekly seems to frequent. Monthly perhaps?


I had to go and “google” myself before I left this comment. About a year ago, I decided to hold myself accountable and create a blog with pics/measurements/weight on a weekly basis. The photos would have been porn if they weren’t so disgusting. LOL! Anyway – it wasn’t for a few months that I realized that the blog was NOT set to “private”. I was mortified. I set it to private and went on with my not-so-merry self with regular pics/measurements/weight on a weekly basis. Then, a few months after *that*, I found out that those pictures were showing up under google images when I searched my name. OMG. It was horrific! Alas, I think, I HOPE I finally got them all taken down; or at least hidden really well.

That’s my story on my journey to health. Well, one aspect of it anyway.

I applaud you in your public journey. Good luck, and great work with the walking improvements! You DESERVE that pat on the back!

Kass says:

Oh my! I can understand the mortification. That’s why I’ve been thinking carefully about what I want to share. I feel some transparency is necessary, due to my goal to become a personal trainer. However, some creativity is necessary in regards to how to use my photos to share and, at the same time, protect not only my pride and public image, but how I see myself.

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