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{June 15, 2012}   The ugly truth…the numbers

This is not the before photo I intended to put up, but this is me.  I am still working on my “good-bye” photos to give better views of the “shape” that I’m in, so that I can see the progress when I take new photographs in a couple of months.

Some may say, “You don’t look so bad. You don’t need to lose weight. What are you talking about?”   The package can be deceiving. Fashion can help us hide our flaws. It’s what lies underneath that holds the real story.

This is a photo taken very recently by my daughter.  What you may or may not see is my bulging belly, my oversized hips, flabby arms. And you certainly do not the see the size of my a…, ahem, behind.  You won’t see the high blood pressure or other health issues. You probably don’t see the unhappiness deep down inside, because I am so disappointed in myself for not taking better care of myself. You don’t see the frustration when I glance in a mirror or the private humiliation while trying on jeans in the dressing room.  Perhaps you can relate?

At the time of this photograph, my weight was somewhere around 168 pounds.  This would not be a bad weight if I were closer to say 5 foot 9 inches.  I am not anywhere near 5 foot 9 inches. I am actually a petite 5 foot 2 inches, who earlier in her life had a slender frame.  Carrying this excess weight (about 4o pounds excess) is not comfortable nor healthy.  My BMI is over 30, which falls into the “obese” category. How humiliating is that?

My measurements are as follows:

  • Bust  39 inches
  • Chest 33 inches
  • Waist 37 inches
  • Hips 45 inches
  • Thighs 23 1/2 inches
  • Upper Arms 13 inches

Our bodies are not perfectly symmetrical. My right leg and arm measure slightly larger than my left, so I averaged those numbers for simplicity.  I still fall into the “pear shape” category, but I do have quite the belly these days. I didn’t have a “belly” until recent years, and this concerns me.  It’s the shape of my body and amount of fat that I carry that I want to change.

This is my starting point.


Not ugly, Kassandra, just the numbers! My BMI puts me in the obese category, too. No wonder 33% of Americans are overweight!

Oh – btw – I love the woman up there on the top right. That’s going to be you!

Kass says:

Thank you. 🙂 Funny story: When i was searching for a blog layout, she jumped out to me. I said, that’s me! That’s ME!! Deep down inside, she is there. I know it. Now to bring her out.

When I look around, I think more than 33% of Americans are overweight! LOL!

Kassandra, I would tell you that you are beautiful a woman – but I know you won’t believe it. I understand your struggle beyond measure. It is a horrible thing we do to ourselves when we look in the mirror or try on clothes. We shouldn’t beat ourselves up so much – or at all. We should, instead, learn to look at ourselves and realize the beauty that is “us”.

Health is another issue… however I truly believe when we accept ourselves and find the beauty that we hold, our health will amazingly fall into line along with a shrinking/healthier body.

Unrelated: do you find when you exercise your health concerns diminish? I do. Just exercising on a regular basis gets rid of the health fears that creep up if I don’t exercise.

I enjoy wearing cut off shorts and sweatshirts. Will that change when I finally feel good about my body? Time will tell. ( I just don’t like to wear anything that is uncomfortable. I don’t understand the women who wear clothes that don’t allow them to feel free. Jeans too tight. Shirts snugging rolls. High heels…)

However, my daughter put things into perspective for me the other day. She said she envied me for wearing what I do. At first I thought she was being rude; but then she explained. She said that she feels like she has to “dress up” whenever we leave the house. But, me, on the other hand, that I am comfortable enough with being who I am to not care what other people think. On one hand she is right – but on the other hand, there is so much more hidden beneath that.

What a struggle we put ourselves through. 😦

Beca says:

I remember the girl standing up in that corner getting made at me for stealing her clothes!! 🙂
You will get there, your goal is to be healthy and you have already made so many amazing changes to your life that can do nothing but help. Biology is only 25% of what we were meant to look like. My BMI puts me in the obese category also even though so many people tell me there is no way I am that over weight. Finding the strength to exercise regularly with the motivation to just be healthy will go a long way.
My goal is to be able to stand up straight and put on those heels collecting dust in my closet!!

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