Eat Well, Move More

{October 3, 2013}   NaBloWriMo Day Two/Three: Vending Machine Dinner

Somehow I missed posting yesterday. Actually, I know how that happened. Lack of sleep and lack of good, nutritious food.

My travels, from bus to cab to plane to plane, over the past couple of days have left me feeling a blur. Very little sleep has my words all jumbled and dull. And lack of food, partially due to a tight budget, but traveling this way brings its own set of challenges and limitations. For example, dinner last might was from a vending machine: poptarts, chex mix, and chocolate milk.

I’m in a complete carb fog. Choices for breakfast this morning weren’t much better. Heavy and upset belly, loaded down with not so great calories. I’m so looking to a comfortable bed and a home cooked meal at the end of these travels.

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