Eat Well, Move More

{November 27, 2012}   Hitting a wall

Oh my! It’s been nearly five months since I’ve updated this blog.  Perhaps I should explain the reason behind my writer’s block.

I hit a wall.


In my last post in July, I mentioned my difficultly with completing a moderate workout, experiencing  asthma symptoms, rather shortness of breath, and dizziness.  After several more attempts at the same workout, I was still taking breaks and not completing the full workout. Even worse, I hit a wall of fatigue and pain that caused the walls to crumble in around me.

Flu-symptoms and exhaustion kept me bedridden on my days off from work.  Heaviness and burning aches increased in my limbs. The dizzy spells became more frequent. Panic attacks set in. By panic attacks, I mean full-fledged heart-beating-out-of-my-chest and feeling like my skin was crawling off of my body, leaving me unable to sit still yet unable to move. The panic attacks woke me from deep sleep at night. At one point, I felt like I might have been having a heart attack.

I suspect that the panic attacks at night were caused by nightmares, and I’m pretty certain I know the cause of those. However the frequent panic attacks in the daytime seemed to have no relevant reason.

After several trips to my health care provider, a few dramatic and frightening fainting spells, several missed work days, a referral to specialist, and a few medical tests later, I had my diagnosis. More accurately, I had a few diagnoses and a bag of new prescriptions.

My main diagnosis: Mitral Valve Prolapse Syndrome .  A fancy term for a heart condition that comes with an imbalanced nervous system.  Good news, it’s not life threatening. Annoying news, it can be life interrupting.

So, now that I’ve absorbed my diagnosis and allowed myself time to adjust to my medications, it’s time to adapt my lifestyle. And time to adapt how I will bring my lifestyle to the healthy lifestyle that I want.

Stay tuned to find out how I accomplish that.



{May 15, 2012}   …with a single step

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.  Lao-tzu, Chinese philosopher (604 BC – 531 BC)


Exercise, of any sort, has been a struggle for the past several months, due to pain and fatigue. “Pain and fatigue” is actually putting it mildly. I have good days, and I have not so good days.  Keeping a simple exercise plan helps me push through the pain, and work towards my health and weight loss goals.  It may take longer to reach my goals, but consistency will get me there.

It all begins with a single step, and then one foot in front of the other.  For now, I am simply walking. Not speed walking, but definitely not strolling. Every single day, I make an effort to walk. On the not so good days, I manage to walk to and from work, twice a day. This amounts to a total of 20 minutes.  On the good days, I strive to walk 30 minutes or more, and when I am able, there is a good size hill that I tackle.

Today was one of the good days…40 minutes and the hill.




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